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Are you wondering how you can advertise at Moo La La Boutique? There are multiple ways that your business can participate in our sale.

Advertising Display- do you want to have a table, booth or display at the sale to bring more attention to your business? With the hundreds of shoppers that will be passing through, your display will surely be noticed. Cost is $125 and display is subject to Moo La La’s approval. Selling of merchandise is permitted, you will be responsible for taking payment from customers. Payment for display space must be received by Friday, September 4th.

Provide A Service/Barter- do you have a service that can be utilized by Moo La La? We are looking for photographers, bakeries, restaurants, florists, etc. that are willing to donate their talent and we will advertise or provide volunteer hours at the sale. We love to barter! Have an idea? Please contact us!

Website Logo- take advantage of the huge amount of web traffic that we receive through the consignment season and place a logo (with link if applicable) on our website. The logo will run for a minimal of 4 months and is subject to Moo La La approval. Cost is $20.

Made by MaMa Boutique- we are looking for creative and crafty Mama’s (and women) in the community that have NEW Children Items that they would like to sell at Moo La La Boutique (i.e. boutique clothes, hair bows, hats, bags handmade merchandise, etc). It is extremely important to us to support the amazing talent and hardworking moms in our community. We would LOVE to feature you in our “Boutique” section. There will be two options for selling your merchandise: renting a table at the 5-day event for $125 and you being in charge of forms of payment with customers OR “consigning” your items into our system during which you would earn 65% of your sales. Please contact us for more info.

ATTENTION: All Made by MaMa (new and old) vendors must contact Amy PRIOR to signing up so that we can keep track of who is joining us at this event!

**Limits will be made on the amount of Hair Accessory Vendors- we want you to be as successful as possible for the amount of time you are investing into our Sale (too many vendors of the same product may lead to less sales for everyone) So please contact us before signing up as a consignor**

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